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The First Bridge mission statement is "To bring affordable and reliable high speed Internet access to the Mount Washington Valley and Eastern New Hampshire".

To help to accomplish this goal First Bridge provides Small Business Broadband service. This service is designed to provide affordable Internet access to the small business office. Most small businesses have very low average bandwidth use. Most of the time you surf a few pages and get your mail. A few times a day you send the customer that big graphics file or down load a new 20MB application. The rest of the time no bandwidth is being used.

The Small Business Broadband service is intended for a small office with two or three PCs in a local network. This service provides a high speed, reliable, network friendly connection. First Bridge can supply a low cost Firewall/router and help you set it up. This will give the small office a secure professional network and Internet connection. Again the intended use is web surfing, email, and a few up/down loads a day. It is not intended to host your shopping web site or a chat line or any other bandwidth intensive operation. Clients who regularly abuse this service will be invited to switch to a full-metered business account. During periods of high use this service may operate slower First Bridge does not guaranty any minimum bandwidth availability for this service.

By the way if you want to run a shopping site or any other web operation First Bridge can host you on our ultra fast web servers connected directly to a multi megabit backbone.

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