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Firstbridge Internet Hotspot


·        Complete management of hotspot activity.

·        Login splash screen unique to each hotspot location.

·        Login screen can display random advertising banners

·        Template driven Login screen may be designed by third party vendor.

·        Web based tools for editing content of splash screen.

·        Typing “help” at any time shows a detail screen with time logged on and time left, or if the user is not logged in, the login screen. 

·        Flexible login:

¨      Free login with or with out splash screen

¨      Login free for xx min then user is presented with the option of purchasing more time using a credit card or PayPal (PayPal rates are slightly higher)

¨      Purchase username and password account valid on all First Bridge Hotspots.

¨      Login using pre printed time cards (like a phone card) with 10-digit code.


·        Authentication, Authorization and Accounting via remote Radius server.

·        Access card options:

¨      Hotspot owners can print card for any length of time up to 30 days

¨      Cards can be valid only for defined time period. i.e. expires in 60 days or good only during a promotion.

¨      Cards are printed from any browser.

¨      Cards may be printed in advance, only the time used on a card is charged to Hotspot owner.


·        Credit Card:

¨      All credit card transactions are on a secure server

¨      Supports other Credit card portals with cc modules

·         Supports Walled Garden where the user can browse a subset of URLs when not logged in.    

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