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DSL Home Broadband Service
$29.95 per month

First Bridge provides DSL Home Broadband service that is designed to provide affordable Internet access to the home computer and business user. Most small businesses have very low average bandwidth use. Most of the time you surf a few pages and get your mail. A few times a day you send the customer that big graphics file or down load a new 20MB application. The rest of the time no bandwidth is being used.

Home Broadband service is offered as a low cost solution for the single PC, home, telecommuter. It is designed to serve the person who needs an always on, fast, reliable, Internet connection to surf the web, email, and a few times a day up or download a large file. It is NOT designed to run your web site or to stream video or any other bandwidth intensive use. People who regularly abuse this service will be invited to switch to a business account. Signup on line from home DSL

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